Virtual Group Event, 12 November 2021


It is with great pleasure that we announce an upcoming virtual History of Concepts Group Event on 12 November 2021 hosted by Bielefeld University and organized by Silke Schwandt and Margrit Pernau! In the keynotes, Ethan Kleinberg will be hunting the Ghosts of Time and Lisa Mitchell will give a deeper inside on state-hailing practices and the criminalization of collective assembly in India. Please find the full line-up down below. As the fog of the pandemic is hopefully clearing, we are looking forward to finally see you all again or for the first time! It is our wish, to continue the always fruitful discussions on conceptual history and reach (future) friends of the HCG working on inspiring subjects.


Additionally, the chair of the History of Concepts Group Martin Burke warmly invites you to participate in the event and to become a member of the HCG:


“On behalf of my fellow officers of the History of Concepts Group, and with the co-operation of our partners at the Berghahn Press, I am writing to ask that you renew your membership in the HCG. As you will see, we are increasing the annual dues for Regular Membership; expanding the criteria for Concessionary Membership to include students, emerging scholars and emeritus academics; and initiating the category of Sustaining Membership for those who are interested in providing additional financial support for the Group’s endeavors. As before, all HCG members receive subscriptions to our journal, Contributions to the History of Concepts, along with access to the full run of back issues from Volume 1 (2005) onward.


Your membership is also a prerequisite for presenting papers at the international conferences sponsored by the HCG. The 23rd conference on “Global Modernity: Emotions, Temporalities and Concepts,” initially had been scheduled for 2020 on the campus of the Freie Universität Berlin. Regretfully, the ensuing Covid-19 pandemic forced a postponement. The organizers are now preparing for the conference on 7-9 April 2022; the specific details and the registration are to follow in January 2022. In lieu of a conference in the current year, our colleagues at Bielefeld University will be hosting a virtual plenary event on 12 November 2021 with keynotes by Ethan Kleinberg and Lisa Mitchell. We are glad to have these noted scholars.


My colleagues and I look forward to “seeing” many of you “in” Bielefeld this fall, and to meeting formally again in Berlin next year. In the meantime, our sincere thanks for your continued interest in the History of Concepts Group.”


Please register for the event and the business meeting under the following address: until 10 November 2021. Please note that the business meeting registration requires a membership in the HCG.


In order to renew your membership or to become a new member of the History of Concepts Group, please follow the registration link:




Virtual Event, 12. November 2021, 5 – 7 p.m.


5.00     Martin Burke (Professor at Lehman College, City University of New York), Chair, History of Concepts Group: Welcome


5.10     Ethan Kleinberg (Professor of History and Letters, Wesleyan University): The Time of Ghosts and the Ghosts of Time


5.40     Helge Jordheim (Professor of Cultural History, University of Oslo): Comment


5.50     Discussion


6.10     Lisa Mitchell (Professor of Anthropology and History, University of Pennsylvania): The Concept of the Political in India. State-Hailing Practices and the Criminalization of Collective Assembly


6.40     Angelika Epple (Professor of History, Bielefeld University): Comment


6.50     Discussion




7.30     Business Meeting History of Concepts Group (Members only)

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