In order to register for the conference, please become a member of the History of Concepts Group here, and send your proof of registration to and (membership includes subscription to the journal Contributions to the History of Concepts).


Membership rates are based on a system of solidarity, and come in three varieties: concessionary, regular, and sustaining. Concessionary memberships are intended for students - if you are no longer a student but would struggle to pay the regular rate, please contact us. Sustaining memberships allow us to finance concessionary memberships, so we ask those who are in a position to purchase it to consider doing so.


Upon registration, you will receive a password for the secured part of the conference website. You will find the contact details of your co-panelists there, and we encourage you to get in touch in order to discuss how to structure your panel discussion.


In case you are not presenting a paper but would nevertheless like to take part in the conference, it is possible to participate as a discussant. If you wish to do so, please get in touch with



Registration for the conference opens on the 15th of January 2022. Please send us your revised titles and abstracts, if need be, by the 31st of January.


Our final decision on whether the conference can take place in person, as is our aim, or if it will have to take place online, will be taken by the end of February.


In order for us to have the final numbers for the conference in due time, please make sure that you have registered as a HCG member and sent us your confirmation of registration by the 6th of March 2022.

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